Haven’t had time to read this other than to glance at the revised table of what happens on what day and notice the words “appoint solicitor for child only if necessary” against Day 2. (It then goes on to say sol for child should sort out the advocates meeting – which rather begs the question of why they aren’t a necessary appointment in every case, for that if for no other reason – but hey ho).

It’s all been much trailed but I wasn’t expecting that… Who knows what other delights will be uncovered on a proper read through.

Anyway, roll up roll up get ’em while they’re hot etc etc… :

Revised PLO

New Practice Direction 36c

5 thoughts on “NEW PLO PUBLISHED

  1. I think it may mean if one has not already been appointed by the CG.

  2. Jerry Lonsdale

    “Parents’ Response” means a document from either or both of the parents containing
    (a) in no more than two pages, the parents’ response to the Threshold Statement, and
    (b) the parents’ placement proposals including the identity of all relatives and friends they propose be considered by the court;

    Okay okay okay, I see where this is leading, Local Authorities file a 6 page threshold, care plans are 25/30 pages, how on earth is that fair and balanced for parents fair fight in the proceedings given only TWO pages to argue their case, by the way the word Parent(s) only appear in the above paragraph throughout the whole document

  3. Perhaps a qualification to become a family law judge ought to be the personal experience of being a non resident parent with a 6 month plus block from a child(s) life. Mind you, the prejudice of an inexperienced female judge thinking as a mother and a woman first and a judge second destroys the confidence of any male LIP, especially one who treats the LIP as a second class litigant in court. Ah well, time to hammer on regardless 🙂

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