News of my appointment has been greatly exaggerated

Oops. The Times have me down as not just a silk but also an arbitrator. And not just that but an arbitrator who is dealing with a complex international dynastic “feud” with Cherie Blair. Anyone got ANY idea who they have mistaken me for?? I can’t work it out!! (one other Lucy Reed is an arbitrator but neither British nor a QC, the other other one is dead). What ever the answer is it’s a surprise to find such an epic gaff in The Times.

times p50 26 mar 12

(click on the image to see a bigger version)

For the avoidance of doubt, the blonde in the middle is Goldie Hawn not yours truly.

Anyway, for what it’s worth here is the letter I have today sent The Times…

Dear Sir or Madam,

My attention has been drawn to an article on page 50 of today’s Times (26 March) which is entitled “Cherie Blair Plays Peacemaker in Indian Dynasty Feud”. It refers to me.

It states that I am a British QC practising from St John’s Chambers Bristol specialising in complex family disputes, that I am an arbitrator, and that I am a member of an arbitration panel dealing with the said dynasty feud.

I am a barrister practising from St John’s Chambers Bristol and I do specialise in family disputes. However I am neither a QC nor an arbitrator and have no knowledge of nor involvement with this dispute nor the arbitration of it. I am not instructed by any of the parties.

I do not wish my clients, my colleagues or my professional regulator to form the mistaken impression that I am holding myself as having experience or qualifications which I do not possess, nor that I would disclose confidential details of litigation or of any other dispute resolution process in which I was involved. I would like you to publish a correction please, stating that it is at my request.

I would also appreciate an explanation of how this error has arisen. My chambers advised me last week that a Robin Pagnamenta had rung wishing to speak to me, stating that he was a journalist from The Times but as he left only an international telephone number for Mumbai and appeared from a quick internet search to be your Energy and Environment correspondent (subjects about which I know little) I did not call him back. I left instructions to pass on my email address if he rang back, but he did not. I can only assume that he got my contact details from my chambers website and am therefore perplexed at how he came to be under the impression that I was a QC – the St John’s Chambers website does not have me listed as such.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

UPDATE 29 March : The Times have today responded as follows (after chasing):

Dear Ms Reed,

I’m very sorry that your original email to The Times took some days to reach me, and that you have not been contacted by us before now with
an apology for your misidentification in Robin Pagnamenta’s article.

I have removed the reference to you from the article on our website, and added an apology at the bottom of the article, as follows:

“The original version of this article incorrectly identified Lucy Reed, of St John’s Chambers, Bristol, as being one of the QCs involved
in this arbitration. We apologise to Ms Reed, who has no connection with the case.”

I hope this will resolve the embarrassment that this error has caused you, which we very much regret.

Yours sincerely,

Rose Wild,
Feedback Editor,
The Times

They have also sent me a screenshot (shown below), but I still have no idea how such a mistake could have been OR who the mystery arbitrator is!

6 thoughts on “News of my appointment has been greatly exaggerated

  1. Pretty poor for the Times Lucy, but good for your profile. Your a pretty decent lawyer by all accounts and need a bit more exposure, even if it is for the wrong reasons.

  2. Northern Lights

    I’d have been more upset by the association with Cherie Blair.

  3. How fitting that the headline below featured the words “red faces”. There should be plenty of those at The Times.

    (Btw, I’ve refused to read, buy or even touch the Times since the whole paywall fiasco. Rupe’s not getting another penny from me! 😉

  4. […] my journey through the incredulous accidental labelling of me as a silk a decade too early in 2013 (mistaken identity), till the day it became reality (23 December 2022). I don’t really believe it this time […]

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