Sorry, what’s that you say?

It was a mere blink of an eye since we were treated to the Adoption Myth Buster, wheeled out at a moment when it was said adoption statistics were through the floor. And it was all the fault of Re B-S. Or people misinterpreting B-S. Or people not being sufficiently, unequivocally, evangelical about adoption.

But knock me down with a feather what is this I see reported? Adoption is not really down after all? In fact it seems to be rising? Wait, what? Adoptions are up 26% on last year and are now at their highest highest since 1992.

Now I grant you, the stats cited at the point of publication of the myth buster did show a recent dip in the period from Sep 13 – Jun 14 (so covering a period slightly more current than the stats above). But whilst the blip is downwards, the trend is an upward incline. Perhaps a trend will emerge, but in light of the recent restatements of what Re B-S doesn’t say (by which I mean the judicial restatements of what it doesn’t say), and in particular in light of Re R (A Child) [2014] EWCA Civ 1625, released today I doubt any trend that does emerge will be down to misinterpretations of B-S.

The astute amongst you will notice the final paragraph in that judgment, wherein the President takes the opportunity to observe that :

“On 11 November 2014 the National Adoption Leadership Board published Impact of Court Judgments on Adoption: What the judgments do and do not say, popularly referred to as the Re B-S myth-buster. This document appears to be directed primarily at social workers and, appropriately, not to the judges. It has been the subject of some discussion in family justice circles. I need to make clear that its content has not been endorsed by the judiciary.”

I wouldn’t like to say I told you so…But I actually did.

A blip in more than one sense then.

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