Yes, the cat HAS got my tongue, since you ask.

Actually, the only thing my cat has is fleas. Cat sized ones.

But yes, I have been uncharacteristically silent on the blogging front.

I am so concerned that I might lose my blogging mojo if I don’t write something soon that here I am. Just.

I have a whole to do list of blogs I’m desperate to write. Right now though I’m practically nodding off, face in keyboard, so you just get the list of things I might write if I ever have the time :

  • audio-recording social work and CAFCASS interviews with parents – why not?
  • human rights act damages claims
  • recent cases – judicial attitudes to LiPs
  • recent cases – legal aid
  • recent cases – robust criticism of failures of first instances judges, local authorities and others
  • Freud does Frozen

In the meantime let me leave you with this question which I posed earlier on twitter : what is WITH the new fad for referring to Mr Justice Mostyn or Ms Justice Russell or Mrs Justice Theis as Justice Mostyn or Justice Russell etc?? Where has this new simplified mode of address come from? I have seen it all over the place  – on twitter, on Linkedin, in articles online – and not just in the mainstream media who traditionally prefer “Top Judge” for anything above Circuit Judge level – this is people within the legal community. Has there been an edict or new style guide? Makes them sound like Magistrates if you ask me (who we are now required to call “Lay Justices” but who are often shortened to “Justices” when not being referred to as “Magistrates”).


Sorry. That was my forehead typing…… Quite literally #headdesk

Off to bed to dream of blogs I may never write….

Is the Child Protection System Fit For Purpose?

A few of us have been busy organising a multi-disciplinary conference : “Is the Child Protection System Fit For Purpose?”. When I say a few, I mean chiefly the very efficient and drive @svphillimore who is Head Organiser.

This is a multi-disciplinary conference with a difference because it’s not just one group of professionals talking to another, it’s an attempt to bring together different groups of professionals with other stakeholders. Yes, we are going to the dark side *cue dramatic music*. We are going to try and get Family Justice Professionals engaging with actual real live families, litigants, care survivors, campaigners, lay supporters…

We are probably a bunch of misty eyed mad fools but we are (if I may say so) an eclectic but impressive group of misty eyed mad fools. We have lawyers, psychologist, social work professionals and various parent support groups coming, speaking, organising.

And I’m really pleased to say that Sir Mark Hedley (formerly Mr Justice Hedley) has agreed to attend and address the conference. And he is certainly no mad fool.

The event is on 1 June at NCVO and is open to book now. It is as cheap as we have been able to make it and we are very excited.

Even if you can’t come yourself I’d be very grateful if you would circulate this link and information to your colleagues and others who may be interested in attending.

Further information at the Transparency Project (who are supporting the event) here.


A woman of many hats

This week I has mostly been knitting woolly hats. Well, one woolly hat, which looks quite nice but doesn’t entirely fit my actual head. Anyway it was a prototype – an exercise in establishing I have some capacity to knit a hat like object with strange circular knitting needles. And it appears I do. This means I am ready to move onto phase two of operation Knit-a-6-year-old-a-hat-with-creepers-on-it (its a Minecraft thing, google it or ask any child aged between 4 and 10 years old or any parent or teacher of a child between ages 4 and 10 years old).

The point being that I have not done much blogging this weekend as a result. Because it seems that a knitting technique that doesn’t involve any chance to say “I’ll stop at the end of this row” (because on circular needles you just keep going round and round and round and…) is quite literally un-put-down-able.

And last week was a poor show too as far as Pink Tape is concerned – but in my defence I have been focusing on Transparency Project stuff (see here), and other local justice stuff. And you know, actual paid work.

I will have my Pink Tape hat back on soon – promise.