Barrister Blinks & Misses Lightning Fast Consultation

I understand that last Wednesday, 6th October, the LSC sent out a consultation document by e-mail to representative bodies, inviting comments (which were requested to be returned within 48 hours – i.e. by 4p.m. on Friday) on a proposal to revoke the Statutory Instrument which is/was to bring in the Family Advocacy Scheme (this replaced the proposal to defer implementation to the 15th November 2010). The revocation is said to be a necessary consequence of the successful legal challenge to the Civil Bid Round tenders for family contracts.
No, and we never expected the Spanish Inquisition neither. Come to think of it, that was a pretty effective method of dispatching of difficult individuals and of dispensing justice of a sort – perhaps it would be more cost effective than our current overblown judicial system with its ridiculous notions of rights and fairness.

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