Family Judge Gives Judgment on Government

Wow. Rock on Mr Justice Coleridge! Coleridge J opened the Resolution Conference last week with a speech that is considerably less diplomatic than many a judicial utterance. He says early on in the speech: “I have not discussed this talk with the President let alone shown him a copy in advance. (I did not want to do so for fear that he might ask me to tone it down a bit). And just at the moment I am not in the mood for toning things down”. Perhaps if he had run it past the Pres it might never have seen the light of day, but I’m glad that it did.


Accordingly, the text of Coleridge J’s speech to Resolution last week can be found here in full: resolution-press080404. If you want to read some commentary you can visit the Laws of Love blog which beat me to it. All I need say is that everything Coleridge says rings true with my experience, is entirely sensible and ought to be (IS) self evident, particularly the short-sightedness of underfunding the family justice system and treating it like a poor relation.

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