The Dirty Dozen

Yes, view 12 has hatched [edit : oops forgot the link]. And it’s a free range grade A double yoker, a veritable golden one (does this analogy make the President a goose?)…

For those who were feeling hard done by, we have new acronyms to ease your pain. To add to CAP we have MAP (it’s beginning to sound a lot like a Dr Seuss book around here) and something called an N-CDR which I think is probably a new acronym for ADR DR (sorry – keep up!), as in “Non Court Dispute Resolution”, which I think you’ll agree insinuates a sort of Re B-S “option of last resort” status for court based dispute resolution, along with a slightly incongruous mental image of a shiny computer disc.

The obligatory hidden pun is also evident in this view. Yes, I for one am still sniggering at the notion of the “uncoupling” of divorce procedure. Such is my desperation that I find such things wildly funny. I like to think that there was intentional humour in the encouragement of the “rigorous control of the proliferation of paper”. Rigorously proliferating? Anyway, I like to think this is two puns in one view, thus truly meriting the “double yolk” title (that’s a third pun, you see?).

Unsurprisingly our old chum transparency gets a mention again – more consultation to come.

FDAC is also flavour of the month, but sadly not many LAs are champing at the bit to stump up the costs that are a prerequisite for such projects to get underway locally, because although FDAC is cheaper, quicker and more effective. It’s a no brainer, but it requires an individual with energy and guts to get it going. And they’re all too busy drowning, going off sick and seeking a career change by the sea.

There is a general (justifiable) moan about problems arising from the absence or refusal of legal aid – whether that be for representation or for the payment of experts. “The wider issue remains at present unresolved” says the President, spectacularly understating the obvious.

The wider issue is due to get an airing soon though, by the sound of things. See Q v Q [2014] EWFC 7 (21 May 2014), where the President says “Get me the Minister!” in a manner I like to imagine the Queen from black adder would do (this may be prompted by endless youtube clippage of Rik Mayall in the bridesmaid scene this week, bless his foul mouthed funniness). Watch this space…

There is plenty more in this particular view. Like all the best omelettes, it is chock full of all the odds and sods that were lurking around in the kitchen.  You know : all the things you need to do something with quick, or they are going to cause a suspicious pong in your fridge. In a similar way, the President has lobbed in all the bits of the family justice system that are teetering at their best before date or have seen better days – legal aid, funding for experts and drug tests, interpreters, the IT system…

Anyway, enough of my egg related nonsense….

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