Unsung Heroes

I used to refer students to the Mary Ward Legal Centre when I was President of the SU at Birkbeck College. They were invaluable and I know helped several of my students facing homelessness or debt problems (most student’s at Birkbeck are mature students, many with families). I’m glad to see they are still doing sterling work, as demonstrated by this piece in the Guardian describing the working life of a lawyer there. The picture painted of how dedicated and generally brilliant law centre staff are is pretty typical – I met energetic, weary, fantastic people like Gwyneth at Lambeth Law Centre when I was a law student too. It is very worrying to think that the kind of solutions made available by centres like this is going to become increasingly scarce as the cuts bite and reforms kick in.

[Postscript 11.08am] Along similar lines, important work also by DV charities – I see that in Devon and N Somerset where I work there are staggering and disastrous cuts proposed by the Local Authorities – 100% in Devon!

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