Acclaimed barrister demoted from QC

Not so long ago I appeared on the pages of Legal Cheek as a QC, hob nobbing with the likes of Cherie Booth QC (she was once embarrasingly present as my debit card was declined for a £12 bill in the House of Lords canteen, when I was pupil to her junior on a case they were arguing there, if that counts as hob nobbing)…But how the mighty have fallen. Stripped of the epithet QC I am now reduced to an “acclaimed barrister”. Cue much hilarity and spluttering of tea. Ah well. Such are the rewards for penning a bit o nonsense about the bar, life and stuff… Acclaimed you say? I’ll take it!

Me on Legal Cheek as part of the “If I knew then what I know now…” series about life in the legal profession : “It has taken me almost a decade to drop my non-public school chippiness”.

7 thoughts on “Acclaimed barrister demoted from QC

  1. From a fellow blogger Lucy..but well worth a read..

    by karenwoodall
    Festivities over and we are heading into what could be the last gasp of this parliament’s efforts to reform the family separation agenda. The proposals for the change to the Children Act are now making their way through the Parliamentary process at the same time as the Department for Work and Pensions progress the reforms […]

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    karenwoodall | 14/01/2013 at 1:

  2. Just for a moment I took you seriously. What was the name of that judge who was caught with his yacht full of non-duty cigarettes? He had to go, of course, but I thought it was vindictive of Hailsham to dispatent him.

  3. New mind, at least Legal Cheek has you down as a “leading member of the legal profession”. The taking of silk is no doubt a mere formality in the future.

  4. there should be a petition to …. somebody in charge of something. the woman is seriously good – i know her! sort of.

  5. I agree with Simplywondered.

  6. Given Chris Grayling’s latest pronouncements on regarding the use of QC, maybe it’s just as well.

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