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Seems like a good time of year to remind you folks all about Lawcare

Since 1997, LawCare has been helping members of the legal professions to face problems such as addition, stress, depression and emotional issues through its free and confidential helpline service. However, there are still many lawyers who are not aware of the support available, and we are often asked questions about what we offer.

How are you funded?

LawCare is a registered charity funded primarily by the professional bodies for legal groupings throughout the British Isles. Although we don’t make big appeals for donations we do welcome any donation, however small.

Is LawCare part of any of the professional bodies?

No, LawCare is entirely independent of all the professional bodies and only reports statistics to them.

Is it a counselling service? 

Callers to the LawCare helpline are provided with initial support from our staff, who all have experience of working in the legal professions, as well as training in telephone counselling skills. They can discuss problem with the callers and help them make a plan for recovery. This may include referral to a professional counsellor or another specialist service, such as a treatment centre.

What problems can you help with – and what don’t you do?

LawCare offers support on health and related personal issues such as stress, depression, addiction to alcohol or drugs, eating disorders and workplace bullying. However, we can’t offer medical or legal advice, and won’t tell you how to run your practice.

Can anyone phone LawCare?

Anyone in the legal profession, from a Judge to a paralegal, and their immediate families and staff, are welcome to use LawCare’s service.

Is it free?

LawCare’s helpline service is entirely free. The CPD accredited training we offer is free, except for expenses. However, if a caller is referred to a counsellor, other therapist or treatment unit then they will normally have to pay, though we will assist to source funds where we can if this is necessary.

Is it confidential?

Confidentiality is at the heart of what we do. You don’t have to give your name if you’d rather not, and the records we need to keep are stored on a secure and closed computer system accessible only to LawCare staff.

Is there a limit to the number of times people can call?

No, and many people do call back a number of times for further support and encouragement, often over a long period of time. However, there is a limit to what we can achieve and a regular caller might need to consider whether they need a higher level of support than LawCare can offer – such as a mental health professional.

What other services does LawCare offer?

We also try to prevent problems arising by offering free (except for expenses) CPD accredited presentations on subjects such as stress recognition and management, vicarious trauma and time management.

How do I contact you?

Our free and confidential helpline is available on 0800 279 6869 and information is also available on our website at

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