At a Glance At A Glance

ataglance2013I received a free review copy of At A Glance today.

But this poses something of a conundrum. What to say about the ubiquitous At a Glance? It is slender, it is reliable, it is full of answers to numbery questions that people who know what Ancillary Relief was need to know. It is what it says on the cover “Essential”. Beyond that…? I’m struggling on the word count.

But here is what 2 anonymous sources thought on delivery:

“Don’t think much of this year’s cover colour” (2012 was gold, 2011 puce).


“Difficult to be anything but really positive if you do finances. That and the Red Book are complete ‘must haves’.  I would cut down on my champagne budget for it… but don’t spread that rumour round :-)”

And there you have it: At a Glance, at a glance.

PS Apparently there is some new stuff in it on arbitration….

5 thoughts on “At a Glance At A Glance

  1. Now separating partners have nothing to trade (financially) apart from their debts, not much at which to glance?

  2. Come on, now, you family lawyers, one day your prince will come, and your prince may be of either gender; but either way s/he will be one a rich, litigious, unmarried, separating, greedy and vengeful couple!

  3. Or even one OF a rich, etc. etc., oh bugger, why can’t you edit posts on this site?

    • I’d have edited your comment out of kindness Andrew, but it seemed more amusing not to. *Snigger*. 🙂

    • Actually I hadn’t realised you couldn’t edit – so thanks for letting me know, and when I next redesign I will try and make sure you can, AND get a theme which properly nests comment threads!!

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