I have been BAD And LAZY. No Pink Tape entertainment or educashun for you punters of late.

May I offer my sincerest apologies? They are in truth not enormously sincere, but I offer them nonetheless.

I blame it on the decorating (still incomplete – the living room looks like a squat). And the committees. And the enforced hen weekend frivolities. And the need to feed the mortgage monster.

Next week I am going on holiday. Without work. Without children (sniff). Without husband (sniff a bit more). But, by way of redemption: there will be wifi, a pool, some sun and a wedding. I plan to do some blogging then….Pro’lly.

What shall I blog about, as I lie poolside?

5 thoughts on “BRB

  1. Perhaps you could pray that paps aren’t snapping you for a magazine spread? A huge infringement of your personal space and you have no rights to your images or who publishes the pics. A possible talking point I guess??

    I feel sorry for Kate & Wills and hope that they can find a solution to the predicament that they are finding themselves in. Seems that the French paps contribution to killing Diana wasn’t enough for them.

  2. Hi Lucy, A bit of a heavy topic I know, but Parental Alienation seems to be a current issue. Why is it that other countries e.g. USA, Canada lead the field in this but the UK drags behind. Wishes and feelings reports on children as young as 5 are being used to stop all contact with the non-resident parent without any further investigation. It took 23 years for the truth regarding the hillborough disaster to come out. I myself am being blamed for my children not wanting to see me but this is now such a common situation with fathers but nobody knows about it. I have met many fathers who have just separated from there partners and are experiencing not being able to see there children for the first time and they are astounded and shocked about the stories they hear. If truth and justice are the issues of today then justice needs to be done for the thousands of children who have lost a relationship with a loving father who has done no wrong. This can’t go on being kept secret any longer. Discuss….

  3. A contact enforcement regime that works?

  4. -Parental Alienation
    -Impunity of Perjury
    -Sexual Discrimination

    All the topics that are usually avoided?

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