Busting more Myth Buster myths…

In November 2014 I wrote about the Adoption Myth Buster Guide, see here : Take me to your Leadership Board. I said that it had been confirmed that the “top QC” who had authored the guide was in fact Janet Bazley QC.

Janet has recently been in touch to ask me if I could correct my post, because she is not the author of the myth busting guidance (this is obviously most shocking because the delay in this request appears to be evidence that there remains a top QC who does not regularly read my blog ;-)).

Janet says :

In fact, I am not the author of the original version and was not consulted at all about the further document produced later by the Department of Education. I advised the D of E but did not write the document, which was written by D of E lawyers. I had no editorial control.

I originally stated that “it had been confirmed” after myself and others asked Martin Narey for a name on twitter.


I post some of the relevant tweets below.































I have amended the original post (tracked) and have linked to this explanatory post rather than disrupting the flow of the original post by inserting it in the body of the original.

2 thoughts on “Busting more Myth Buster myths…

  1. Rather than wait for her to read your blog, why didn’t you just contact her to confirm? Try Here.

    Journalism 101 – check your facts before you publish.

    • It did not appear to be at all controversial, since the person responsible for publishing the document had publicly identified the author. It is only almost a year later that I have heard any suggestion that it might not be accurate. If it had been something with respect to which there was any doubt I would have checked it.
      Sadly, even though I have no journalist training it seems that I check my facts rather more often than some “proper” journalists. And when I get something wrong I correct myself transparently. Shame real journalists don’t often do the same.

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