Damned with Feint Praise and Amazon Rankings

I was pleased to be listed as “hardworking and a strong advocate” in the Legal 500 recently, although I had dreamt of an empassioned, fervent entry setting out all my divers and unique charms and skills at length.

But I was far more tickled to hear from my publisher (is it possible to refer to “my publisher” without sounding like a plonker?) as follows:

“You may also like to know that your book is now the 8th best selling Kindle book in the category of Family & Health Law and at #24 for the category of Divorce, just behind Katie & Peter: The Inside Story of Their Divorce – august company indeed!”

That’s good, right?

2 thoughts on “Damned with Feint Praise and Amazon Rankings

  1. That is very good and you should be proud.

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