Do it yourself

Yes, that’s pretty much how it’s been around here lately. I’ve left you to your own devices – whilst I have learnt to use powerpoint, driven through and around assorted floods in order to reach far flung courts, acquired more CPD than you could shake a lectern at, bodge-insulated my extremely draughty house, gone on brisk, crisp, red cheeked walks with the kids. And not forgetting trying but failing to write much at all of edition 2 of FCWAL.

So I’m sorry BUT : I begin this week with a sense of satisfaction because my house has been hoovered, my shelves are erected, and that pile of handwash laundry that has been languishing in a heap on the floor is now clean – and this on a weekend when we had a rare night out, stuffing ourselves with curry and booze with old school friends. And I made a macaroni cheese with leeks so successful that both kids have insisted on referring to it only as “the best cheesy pasta in the whole world” when asking for seconds and thirds at three consecutive mealtimes. This, after months of refusal to eat any dinner that does not consist entirely of biscuits and chocolate milk, is heartening indeed. They even ate several mouthfuls of 2 foodstuffs combined and touching one another (baked beans with cheese on top).

Little things. But far more important than blogging.

PS I meant to say that most of the things I would have blogged about if only I could prioritise are referred to in the Legal Cheek roundup here, in particular the Richard Moorhead article.

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