Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Good news : “Top Judge” Sir James Munby will be responding to my interview questions as soon as he is able, a source* reveals tonight.

Yay, hurrah, clapping and party poppers.

Bad news : As soon as possible is not imminent. Inexplicably said Top Judge is prioritising his Top Judging over my top blogging. The astute amongst you will have noticed he has been a mite busy.

Weep, wail, mope.

Ah well, you’ll have plenty of guidance to read in the meantime…. (I am beginning to wonder if he is in fact producing a single piece of guidance in response to each of my questions, in some kind of slow mo performance interview.

Watch this space….


* the source is me. I tapped his phone **.


** I actually didn’t.

4 thoughts on “Do you want the good news or the bad news?

  1. What are you prattling on about?

  2. I reproduce this email received by me from a well known “victim” of the system !


    These are the sort of questions that the noble lords and ladies in the upper house and of course Sir James Munby SHOULD be discussing !!

    • Jog on Ian. As you well know anyone reading that email would have been immediately able to identify both the mother and the child – by name. I’m not going to publish stuff like that and you know it.

  3. As far as I know Lucy there are no gagging restrictions on inmate’sdescriptions of their experiences in prison,but in deference to your wishes;
    I have with the mother’s permission edited out any features that could positively identify her !

    Received from a mother ex” guest of her majesty !”
    Why do (real) criminal women keep their children?
    Answer = Because they are under the glare of the public criminal courts AND the Ministry of Justice who actually keep mothers and children together, unlike the Ministry of Education = secrecy and money, who have NO jurisdiction over the MOJ, take the kids in secret!
    I found this incredible point out when I was in prison being encouraged to fetch my child to the UK as they needed to fill spaces in the mother and baby unit to keep it open (or keep funded). I was worried outside SS was going to snatch her but was told they HAD NO JURISDICTION!
    Geronimho- I figured the safest place in the UK for me and my child to be together was in a bloody prison!! One couldn’t make it up. I was protected from social workers by a 20 foot f****ing fence!!! PERFECT (apart from the s**t food). I love this country (not really).
    Prisons have in house Social Workers who are rather normal compassionate people!
    Let the penny drop like it did with me.
    A mother

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