6 thoughts on “From President to Pliny

  1. The Family Bar should avoid ‘various actions’ should it? The future is to adapt and there is nothing to worry about?

    At the moment the adaptation on offer seems to be the option of going in house for Co-op Family Law.

    I am surprised anyone had the stomach to eat after that address.

    • My indigestion mainly arose from having to google do legal research on a) gimcrack b) what recent family case is it that refers to the statute of marlborough (answer pa 117 of Imerman since you ask) and c) what the hell is the statute of marlborough anyway. I am but a gimcrack lawyer with a gimcrack comprehensive education, innit.

  2. I am increasingly of the view that the President makes these off-hand remarks (do you remember the judgment where he said something like “I am reminded of Lord Wellington’s famous aphorism”) purely to see how many people go off and find it.

    It is like the family law equivalent of Treasure Hunt. Stop the Clock! I’ve found the next clue.

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