4 thoughts on “Gotta Licence to Blog

  1. not chilly at all. it is a canard being waved furiously around by the rich white men who own the press in a desperate attempt to stop people taking any kind of control over their unfettered god-given right to lie distort and vilify. and the ruling elite they put in place have done their best to stem the tide of popular revulsion that might erode some part of their paymasters’ power. i shall blog as i have always done. infrequently and without much direction. but on those rare and random occasions i will feel free to say exactly what i believe. and both my readers (ok i exaggerate but as soon as i double my readership…)will support me.

  2. can one wave a canard furiously or otherwise, i wonder. and does that need a question mark somewhere? weighty issues.

  3. Regulating bloggers and Tweeters!

    I just can’t see this happening. And how would you regulate it?

    No. I don’t think so.

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