This photo shows some new graffiti which has popped up on my route from Bristol Templemeads to chambers. I have already had several near collisions as I’ve been gawping at it whilst walking, half awake and straining to identify the symbolism and allegories whilst rushing for court. I think it’s worth sharing, especially since it features the legal profession.Graffiti

It’s a bit difficult taking a photo whilst navigating a pedestrian crossing in rush hour with a suitcase in tow, so this is the best I could do (excuse photo stitching).

The mural appeared by Templemeads station at the time of the See No Evil street art event earlier this month, although I can’t find any information about it on the site. It’s somewhere between graffiti and Diego Rivera, who also made political paintings in an urban context.

I’m not sure how well the pic will display on my current blog template (click on it to get full size) but in summary : the scene shows a sort of roulette last supper scene with the devil as the croupier in the centre, surrounded by the dogs of war, a gangsta gorilla, two religious icons (a praying mantis and a Dr Who style bishop), a fat cat banker, the police (depicted as a corpulent pig with teeny helmet balancing on head), a snake from the city, a carrion eating raven with legal wig, and rodent like paparazzi / journalists. All are engaged in a game of institutional roulette, and in the centre of the roulette wheel, is an atomic mushroom cloud. All pretty self explanatory imagery and a great visual reminder of all the current and political issues of the day – from Leveson to the banking crisis and beyond. All the powerful players are at the table, all part of the same dangerous power game. To articulate it like this sort of takes the magic away, but I wanted to point out the legal link. I never thought my profession would feature in grafitti, especially not wiv gangstas innit.

A prize* for anyone who can tell me about the background to this? I love it.

*NB prize will be rubbish and possibly non-existent.


9 thoughts on “Graffiti

  1. Utterly brilliant!
    I’m passing it on to a friend who knows a thing or two about last supper symbolisms…

  2. “who can tell me about the background to this”

    Looks like a blue sky over Bristol with some cumulus clouds. 🙂

    Or do you mean this

  3. Great post & love the “graffiti” 🙂 reminds me of a “graffiti artist” from London called “SER” who runs a “graffiti” company called go check him out.

  4. It’s certainly arresting! Beautifully done, but like you, I’ve mostly caught glimpses rather than studying it fully. Have tweeted this post and the photo. Wonder if someone on Twitter can provide more background.

  5. Ah! Have found some info on the artist(s):
    The fine art background certainly shows!

  6. Thanks for the interest. I’m one of the two artists responsible for this piece. Without explaining every detail, if you look closely the roulette ball is the earth. Each power is represented in it’s animal form. Dogs of war being passed a missile by the gorilla (gorilla warfare) etc etc. As for the snake whispering in the devils ear. Well that’s a tory tie 😉 Oh and in cockney circles judges are sometimes called crows. If you look closely at the positions they are situated in, you will see a few back handers taking place, which you have already picked up on. Keep an eye out for the next installment. Thanks for the love

  7. * tory rosette and eton tie

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