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In furtherance of the overriding objective my duty to the court to promote proportionality…I have analysed, shortened and by gum it was NECESSARY…

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26 weeks – it

Can be must be will be met

Magistrates R Gr8


View 2

Threshold on post-it

Try some a-na-ly-sis please

You are all experts


View 3

PLO is in

Necessary means necessaryver

Experts : less. shorter.


View 4

We gatekeep cases

Prescribed order is vital



View 5

The Family Court

The Family Court London

London Blah Blah Blah


View 6 (double whammy Haiku)

PLO is Go!

Single Family Court plans

“House Rules” – not rules – Ha!


Transparency soon

I’m coming to visit you!

Bundles – what ya think?


View 7 (double whammy Haiku)


Change of culture is required



Thanks for “extra mile”

26 weeks woot woot woot

Have you read B-S?


View 8

Yes, yet more guidance

Cobb J’s CAP Report is out

Sorry? Me? No remorse!


View 9

Private law is next

Arbitrate, learn Brussels II…

Transparency soon


View 10

More change coming soon…

Write your own reasons you Mags!!

Comply with orders!!


With thanks to the Supreme Court Haiku Reporter for inspiration. I think BAILII should offer a similar service for judgments. I’d PAY for that!

12 thoughts on “Haiku View

  1. You are a scream, this
    Is so funny and brilliant.
    Thanks a bundle.

    Irregular Haiku are a thing.

  2. Genius.

  3. This summary whilst neat
    Lacks the one true marker sign.
    Self quoting needed

  4. Wonderful Pink Tape
    Your Haiku View we do love
    Please write some more x

  5. Thanks for your kind words
    Haiku are harder than tweets
    But quite addictive

  6. A new app needed
    WhatHaikuBook in 2 years
    billionaires we be

  7. Reprint the White Book
    Full to the brim with Haikus –
    Throw it on the floor.

    Reprint the White Book
    Full to the brim with Haikus –
    Throw it at the judge.

  8. I could not give a toss
    What you call plural Haikus –
    I just enjoy them.

  9. Sorry – last one should read

    I don’t give a toss . . .

  10. It is two a.m.
    I am writing this message.
    I am a sad case.

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