Happy belated birthday Pink Tape. You’re not dead yet old gal…

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Confession: I've been paralysed by that tweet that asks people to tweet three of their achievements from 2017. I've just buggered along really. Kept on doing the same old stuff, kept my head above water, just.

As the year draws to a close I've been thinking about all the things I haven't quite got around to this year, all the things that are stuck on my to do list that I never get to. And one of those failures is my chronic neglect of poor old pink tape. I was wincing at the thought of writing that bloody awful year in review post. Except I find when I actually look back at the posts I have written in 2017 I was pleasantly surprised. And yes people, I did laugh at my own jokes (well, some of them). There are some good 'uns after all (so that's one achievement) ...I don't know how I found the time really. And looking at those  post I was reminded me that I did write a book this year (that's two). And I did survive a pretty shitty time professionally too (and three). So I feel a bit better now. I've got my three things. And that's even before I think about all the amazing achievements of my family that I am totally proud of.

Anyway, now I've dealt with my own ridiculous anxieties and self-doubt, here's my favourite post of each month of 2017... I feel I ought to mark this year somehow - I did forget to wish Pink Tape a happy tenth birthday in July. Bad mummy...


Man Flu : God I was poorly. But this post reminded me of that amazing feeling you get when you realise you are on the mend and are grateful for every little thing in the world.


How can you defend a rapist? : We are not an extension of our clients. We are professionals with a job to do.


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing… : My worries about a new Mckenzie friend venture (I did a few posts about McKenzies this year).


Lord Chancellor announces judicial sentencing incentivisation schemes : I love a good April fool!


A decade in the blink of an eye… : another post which reminds me how much we have to be grateful for and the importance of family.


Sauce for the goose and the standard of proof : my thoughts on the standard of proof for disciplining barristers - the BSB later agreed with me (though I confess I'm not yet up to speed on the details of what's happening).


Terrorism : all the fault of divorcees (apparently) : my now annual disagreement with Sir Paul Coleridge. Another Pink Tape tradition...


The backstory : that's my backstory about how I came to become a barrister. Which was fun to write, seems inexplicably to have been enjoyed by some and has prompted at least one other (Barbara Rich's fantastic effort is here).


Social workers should not hide – they are accountable to all of us. A theme I was to return to... (who am I kidding I never shut up about it)


Me too – judicial bullying : tough times, but stuff we need to talk about, and knowing you aren't the only one helps a lot (and see follow up here :  Vicarious Trauma).


The Truth About Social Work Tutor – Part I and The Truth About Social Work Tutor – Part II : posts I worried a lot about but which the universally positive feedback suggests were important to write. I'm sad it has produced no response or engagement from the subject of it, but I've said my piece.


Tough to choose between this : What a load of old Dobbin and a slightly more serious post with a good combination of law and swearing, but I chose this one because it's a proper old rant and that's always been the most fun part of Pink Tape. The silly rants are what most annoyed the stripey humbugs at my previous chambers who hated blogs, so I like to do one every now and again for old times' sake.


Feature pic courtesy of Ministryofstories via Flickr, creative commons - thanks.

2 thoughts on “Happy belated birthday Pink Tape. You’re not dead yet old gal…

  1. God Bless you Lucy! Keep on swinging on those bells in between times! And know that people appreciate what you do big time, even though it may feel like you’re the only voice crying out in the wilderness. BIg hugs.

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