Je ne regrete rien

Except that is is Dimanche already (again) and I still haven’t posted anything.

I begin with French in homage to the Olympic opening ceremony. I continue in English because, well my French is a petit peut … ‘ow you say? Rubb-eesh.

So this is a mere note of regret. There are times when I manage several posts a week, and others when it ticks over a little more slowly. This is one such time.

The list of things I must put on the blog is growing, there are several biggies I must must deal with. I’m not deliberately putting them off. But Pink Tape depends on my time and my energy and of late I have had mere snatches of time and insufficient energy and concentration to tackle those biggies.

This weekend I’ve been a stag do widow with six house guests (including a dog), making a total of 5 children in a house too small to swing a toddler in (I know, I’ve tried). I’ve nearly lost my children (who are currently fond of sprinting in opposite directions when out in public), nearly lost my sanity and actually lost one of my chickens (prime suspect : fox). On the plus side, having thought I had lost my husband to a stag weekend he did return safe and sound just in time to sit in a darkened room with the sprinters (Ice Age 4 at the “Cimmemma” – recommended), and I did find not less than 30 felt tip pens and half of the bits from the buckaroo inside the acoustic guitar (as you do). And tonight, having spent 2 hours doing all the admin I really should have finished off last week, I began a blogpost (about College Football and sex abuse since you ask)  – but it is too late to finish it without wrecking me for tomorrow. Case in point. So I’m going to bed, leaving the house a sty, with the debris of 5 overexcited children still strewn about. Ugh…I hate getting up on a Monday to post-weekend carnage.

I’m not weary of blogging, but I have been too weary for blogging.

So, it is a case of a tout a l’heure, but not goodbye.



Fifi Folle

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  1. Discombobulated

    Petits Filous, said Delboy!

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