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Been busy. Many imagined blogs in my head and on my to do list. None yet written...

You could read this post I have written for The Transparency Project if you are desperate for some reading. It's about alienation and what CAFCASS' groundbreaking new scheme is. Or isn't. As the case may be.

“It blew up too soon for us” – CAFCASS explain their position on alienation


2 thoughts on “Move along…nothing to see here

  1. Thank you Lucy

  2. All that CAFCASS quaffle just tells me that some over promoted and underperforming educated senior manager has blagged funding from someone in higher authority and even less intelligence for something that is making them sweat for which they have no knowledge of or until recently didn’t give a damn about. Keep up the tough questions, hopefully imbeciles managing an organisation by not understanding their role because they were hired on the strength of their CV for spin than deliver something to expectation will be rumbled and subsequently fired. It’s too important a topic for those managing recognition of PA in llitigation screw it up, a half witted DJ can manage that on their own without any assistance.

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