New and Improved

It is of course entirely superficial, but Pink Tape, along with my own good self, has been looking a little tired and vee last year since, well, last year.

Pink TapeAnd so I have given the old girl a makeover. On the other side of the keyboard Lucy-me is still slobbing it here on the sofa in me Christmas jammies with a jug o’ Baileys, but Familoo-me is sporting a snazzy clean theme. Notably not much new content, but what is there should be more readable, and a lot less cluttered.

Feedback welcome. There may be some wrinkles I have not spotted that need to be ironed out – please let me know if there are.

As I always* say, changing to a new theme is like starting an important day by putting on brand new underwear So bring on 2014. We will be needing a lot of new underwear.


14 thoughts on “New and Improved

  1. I like it, and the new blue links are much more obvious. Hopefully it’ll save me asking some daft questions and save you the time of replying to each by pointing out that the answer is in the linked article.

  2. Excellent theme! And keep up the great blogging…..

  3. Is this a repositioning exercise, Team Cupcake style? Or are you trying to get yourself accepted for the Mars mission?

    P.S. Not sure about that roll in the photo. It looks like the tape they use in windows in Italy to lift those heavy blinds they have. A nice, tied pink bow would be less builder-like, more lawyer. Or an image of bright red, lipstick-smeared lips if you’re really sold on Team Cupcake.

    • Paul,
      I don’t really know what to make of your comment. I had to google team cupcake.
      The image is of the Pink Tape after which the blog is named.
      A “nice, tied pink bow” connotes either Hello Kitty or stereotyped conformity with legal tradition. I don’t stand for either.
      I am neither attempting to reposition myself as celebrity domestic goddess nor as a builder. I’d be cr*p at either. I am however quite good as a lawyer / writer.
      What’s your point? Come on. Let’s have it directly.

  4. Dear Familoo,

    I could conjure up plenty of “tied pink bow” visual devices or similar which would communicate a sense of all those cherished values you wish to ascribe to your blog and yourself. It requires a bit of thinking outside the box. However, if you wish to come across as an interior designer with a penchant for pink, who am I to persuade you otherwise?

    Happy new year!

    P.S. Even David Cameron banged on about Team Cupcake. You’re so out of touch you sound suitably qualified to be a judge.

  5. Giles Robertson

    This is a great redesign, but a consequence is that the RSS feed is now truncated and only shows the first 50 or so words of each post. If this is unintended I wonder if it could be reversed? – it’s easier to use an RSS reader if the feed carries the full post text.

  6. Northern Lights

    Very neat, Lucy and you’re positively blooming in the photo with the new longer, flowing locks.

    Oh, and Happy New Year!

    p.s. Try Carolan’s- it’s an improved version of Baileys!

    • Ah Carolans. Yes we had that last year. You need to drink 3 x as much of it for the same christmassy feeling…
      PS I have modelled myself on Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen.

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