No correlation of mine

In the early days of Pink Tape there was a lot of fluff and silly stories and not so much solemn opining.

You may say little has changed. However, in a happy harking back to those stripling years here is a rather entertaining item about the correlations between divorce rates and…erm…margarine:

Spurious correlations: Margarine linked to divorce?

It must be good science, it’s on the BBC and evryfink.

Other proven links on the originating website include links between divorce rates and murders by bodily force, and between marriage rates and electrocution by power lines.

I think this is a sufficiently firm evidential basis for me to carve out a niche offering bundled services: a free health and safety risk assessment with all pre-nups and decrees. The only thing more dangerous than divorce may be marriage itself. Or maybe margarine…

(h/t to Julia B)

3 thoughts on “No correlation of mine

  1. Robert Whiston

    If you are lacking some or much ‘solemn opining’ try this:-
    You could report on the serious academic bun-fight going on with McIntosh in Australia and her idea of ‘frequent’ sleepovers which she defines as once or twice a month ! !
    Over a hundred academics have come out in opposition to her supposed ‘research’ (?) data and it looks like Australian is sitting up and taking note.

    But not so for the UK government and its agencies. As of May 20th 2014 the Min of Justice (in the form of Brian Evans), says it has no intention of incorporating Warshak’s et al paper into the sorry and dated dogma that can be found on any day relaxing on deckchairs belonging to the Judiciary Studies Board and in their ‘Guidelines’ which is only a framework but which is nevertheless learnt rote fashion by judges.
    If the Westminster government says it does not want copies of the peer reviewed research which shows that shared residency is now accepted as in ‘the best interests of children’ then why are they also reluctant to cite researchers and cite peer reviewed research which they are using now (and have used in the past) to justify ‘sole residency’ as being in the best interests of child ?

    It might also be a public service for you to reveal the members of the PLWG (Private Law Working Group) in the Child Arrangements Programme because every time a resolution of Private law look possible for the majority reform is stifled and choked off because of minority interests and fears.

    • Links please, by email or otherwise. Will look at it when I have time (god only knows when at the moment though!)

  2. Or givign up smoking. Everyone who does that dies.

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