Nothing to see, move along…(pseudo-post)

I wrote a long blog post with the above title. It was prompted by the recent displays of competitive outrage and rightness by legal twitter, although the post was not about such displays. It was about actual law and legal practice. I think it’s quite a good post.

But anyway, I’ve decided not to publish it. On reflection, I’ve decided that the world needs the benefit of my extensive ramblings less than it needs just one lawyer to shoosh. And I don’t want to be responsible for getting you all in a froth again.

Instead of what would (of course) have been a glorious blog post, you get the consolation of this one liner :

If you don’t want to be ‘nice’, be professional. And if you can’t be either (and it appears a few of you can’t), well – just hush now.

One thought on “Nothing to see, move along…(pseudo-post)

  1. Pete Burtenshaw

    At times during the whole traumatic experiences all alienated Parents are guilty of morphing into a person who is not the same person we were before this nightmare began..I personally make no apologies if I morphed…on the other hand the catalysts for the nightmares and the system were paid handsomely for the lies they were so professionally expert at..Happy New Year to all alienated Parents and our alienated children..One day we will meet our children..

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