Plugarama for St John’s Chambers

WARNING :Shameless plug for some super seminars being offered by my fab colleagues in chambers.

First up : Dynamic Duo Andrew Commins and Richard Norman prrrreeeesent *drum roll* : Top Ten Family Finance Cases of 2012 (Bristol, 12 March, 4.30pm). Gosh do we bloggers love a Top Ten. Topical and Timely (it says on the tin), this will be an alliterative feast: A Topical and Timely Top Ten. Say it fast six times, click your heels and all your CPD requirements for the year will be magically fulfilled.

And secondly : Nick Miller, Christopher Sharp QC, Julia Belyavin, Zoe Saunders and Elizabeth Harris are tackling Family Finance in a half day scrum at the Exeter Rugby Club on 27 June, when their legal knowledge will far exceed the quality of my sorry excuses for sports related puns.

Its been a rather taxing day, and 9 out 10 of the above words are blathering rot. But the seminars will be spot on. Take a look at the whizzy new St John’s Chambers website to download the programmes or to book these events, or if you want a general nosey around the SJC offering.

4 thoughts on “Plugarama for St John’s Chambers

  1. Lay off the sports jokes. Think of Kipling:

    Flannelled fools at the wicket
    And muddied oafs in the goal!

    • I have no idea what you are on about. This is because a) I am not a boy b) I am not a public school boy c) I’m not much cop at sports d) The one that makes cakes is more my kind of Kipling. I believe this profile is the primary reason for my utter inability to do the Times Crossword (when 90% of the answers are cricket related anagrams and the rest are Kipling related trivia). 😉

  2. I used to be a boy, I can’t deny it, but that was so long ago that if it’s a summary-only offence I plead s. 127 of the Act and if it isn’t I plead abuse of process. Not public-school and no cop at all at sports which I loathed and still loathe. With the exception of bar-billiards.

    Oh, and I don’t do the Times crossword.

    • Sorry, It wasn’t a personal shot at you! You sound like you’d be rubbish at the Times Crossword too. 🙂

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