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When I was a fresh young blogger I used to plug the gaps by making light of silly searches that people made to reach my blog. They are 95 % searches related to the different types of lawyers these days, but there are still a few that are worth a cheap gag.

chihuahua pull along trolley - because I am the spit of Paris Hilton?

uk drought 2013 - admittedly I haven't posted much lately but...

advatages of being a litigant in person - um. nobody will care if you can't spell?

tips on how to express in court - first take your breast pump...

do you actually get punished if you break contact order - good question.

i won an enforcment daughter against my daughter what does it mean - good question. not sure what it means. but good question.

weebles uk - they wobble but they don't fall down.

somethings bohered me all night - ah, pink tape induced nightmares...a common side effect.


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