St John’s Family Forum

As of last week the Family Practice Group at St John’s has been meeting by Zoom on a Thursday at 5 to chew the fat with solicitors on current issues, and just generally to check in on how things are going out there.

This Thursday I’m up – and my task is to talk in an illuminating and engaging fashion about ‘remote justice from the parents’ perspective’. Fortunately only for a few minutes…this is not a long dull training session, but a bit more bitesize and informal. My lovely colleague Iain will be talking about contact and coronavirus – also in snappy fashion – and the team will be there to answer any questions and share tips and experiences of this brave new world.

For details on how to join please see our website here.

Look forward to seeing some familiar faces and some new ones!


One thought on “St John’s Family Forum

  1. Retired, hors de combat, and 5 o’clock is Chase o’clock – but let me wish you all well and KEEP SAFE!!


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