The Great Family Law Bake Off!

It seems that some deluded* fool (or possibly two) has nominated me for the Jordans Most Innovative Family Lawyer and Best Readers’ Commentary awards and that, through some software glitch, I have been included in the shortlist for both.

That’s nice. It’s been a rough ol’ day and it’s nice to get a little ego boost. I’m quite intrigued to know why I’ve been nominated, but for the time being it’s a mystery…I have of course, as much chance of winning as I do of making silk by the time I’m 30 (what? I’m 29 ok?**), but it’s nice to be thunk of.

Because my o my there are some fabby people shortlisted this year, both in my own categories and others. Most of my twitter buddies in fact, and some actual real people too! 

I don’t have time to go through the list of excellent deserving people as I’m about to re-immerse myself in prep for tomorrow, but you can read a bit about it here.

And the most exciting bit? You get to vote. Just like in X Factor. Except I don’t sing. Which is a bonus.

However, the tweeting shortlistees amongst us have hatched a radical alternative plan to settle this contest by bake off, arm wrestle or possibly trial through ordeal. Bake off sounds tasty, but perhaps more suited to the ADR category. I favour a good ol’ adversarial bun fight myself, perhaps with home baked goods as missiles. See, we are nothing if not innovative us legal twitter folk (litterati?).

* but seriously, thanks whoever you are 😉

** and a bit…

10 thoughts on “The Great Family Law Bake Off!

  1. Ah! Just notified VOTING OPENS ON 12 JULY on the web address in previous comment.

  2. Christina Pieri

    It’s no coincidence – you are brill at what you do so you will defo get my vote. Well done for being nominated which is an achievement in itself!

  3. Pink tape – 12 July is just a heartbeat away (or should I say a week). May I suggest to your other readers that they join me in a ‘TWEETATHON’ next Thursday to vote you to stardom in both categories: ‘Most Innovative Lawyer’, and ‘Best Reader’s Commentary’. Having read the biographies of the other contenders, you are the best!

    Will you permit me a Guest Blog here on ‘Pink Tape’ to promote my Tweetathon?

  4. Whether for innovation or simply superb commentary, follow the link to vote for Lucy Reed of the Pink Tape blog. Lucy is short listed in the ‘Most Innovative Family Lawyer of the Year’ and the ‘Family Law Readers’ Commentary Award’. Voting is simple, takes 80 seconds, and your votes for her will acknowledge that there is legal excellence north of Watford.

    • Whilst I am sure that there is legal excellence north of Watford, it is not mine : I am in Bristol. 😉

      Thanks for your comment though Stephen x

  5. Ok, then west of Great Cumberwell. And while we are on the subject, why don’t you write with a West Country accent like Denning did?

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