We’d like to apologise for the disruption to your service

Ah…Finally cleared the decks and sat down to write that blog post….Building blocks tidied away, fireworks watched (ooh, aah, wow etc), overtired children  abed, threshold drafted…

Oh. Rats. It’s 11.30pm. If I embark on a blog post now I will turn into a pumpkin (or a pumken as they are known around here). And we already have two slightly mildew-mouthed pumpkin fellows on our gatepost (still working on persuading sprogs that its not halloween any more).

Don’t let the suspense kill you….

And don’t let the bedbugs bite…

One thought on “We’d like to apologise for the disruption to your service

  1. Russell Armstrong

    We had grand plans for our firework weekend, over to friends Sat night, for garden fireworks, then tonight the big local organised display, only to find that little sprog has come down with a stinker of a cold, she is grumpy, inconsolable, dosn’t want to go to bed, is too tired to play nicely and all in all is even managing to spoil the saturday nights x factor enjoyment
    So all plans on hold just to tend to the little ones desires…… (not really we watch too much super nanny to allow her the “control”)
    Oh the joys of parenthood, wouldn’t swap it for anything tho eh?

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