With a huge sigh of relief…

I am not usually late with deadlines. I am the sort of person who worries continuously until I have ticked a thing off my list, so I find it easier to get it done and relax after. I have to watch through my fingers when others habitually take it to the wire, working through the night having arsed about for ever first.

But, to my eternal shame and significantly enhanced stress levels, the edits to The Family Court without a Lawyer – A Handbook for Litigants in Person have been very very overdue (so overdue I cannot actually bring myself to give you the exact delay). This is the danger of a moveable deadline. Almost everything else is almost always more urgent. And almost everything else is seductively capable of completion in one or two sittings – an easy tick off the list. And I am not very good at saying no…

However, chapter by chapter I have been plugging my way through it like Snow White through the thicket (not much like Snow White if truth be told). When all of a sudden I found myself in a clearing…

I’ve only bloody gone and finished the updates!

Woot woot!!

They will of course need to be primped and formatted and all that jazz. And someone will come back and correct all my apostrophe’s. But my main work is done. And you can expect to see the Third Edition in I’d guess a couple of months.

There will be no snap Fourth Edition by the way….

My tick list now has a MASSIVE tick on it.?


It also has a whole load of unticked stuff on it. But the first thing on my list is a celebratory drink. Chin chin.

8 thoughts on “With a huge sigh of relief…

  1. Brian Wareham

    You deserve formal recognition for this book and your continued diligence in keeping it up to date and relevant with a Queens Honour.
    It is a lifeline to those who have no other access to professional access to the law and it is written in such a way that takes the mystery out of civil law proceedings. You have made it accessable, much more than anything else I have read by the judiciary pr MoJ (It is only the starting point of family litigation though (FPR’s CA 1989, MCA 1973, FLA 1998 yada, yada, yada…)
    The only trouble is – Your award would already be devalued by the abundance of them amongst self absorbed athletes.
    It’s better to give than to receive and you have given more than you have received for your efforts. I thought that was the idea of an award.
    Yes I do have access to a copy of your book 🙂 via a sibling brother!

    • Thanks Brian, that’s kind. All of the letters I get are positive, and I’m always surprised people can be bothered to take the effort to write or email – but they do, so I guess it must be of some help, which as you say is reward in itself (although it would also be nice if it made me zillions of pounds in royalties)!

  2. Well, for what it’s worth… {said in the old A Team TV show voice over intro}…If you have a family law problem and nobody else can help, and if you can find the latest edition on Amazon, then maybe you should buy Lucy’s “Family Court without a Lawyer”….


  3. I only wish I’d bought some copies of the original edition


    Oh and congratulations on getting in done. The only trouble with lists is that as one item gets done, another three are added to the list.

  4. Congratulations on completing the 3rd ed. We need more people championing this field of law. The articles, books and other resources you provide are just an invaluable source of information. Thank you Lucy for such a service to the community at large.
    Good luck with becoming a zillionaire. I always believe blessed are those who give without remembering and take without forgetting.
    God bless you

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