Everything is Awesome When You’re Part Of A Team!

In our house the Lego Movie is the hot flick of the season. Along with it’s excruciatingly aweFUL theme song and fatuous lyrics (which those of you with kids will recognise from the title of this blog post – I can visualise you wincing as you read it) and impossible to source merchandise. There is also some mild amusement at the fact that Mummy is in a film, but in truth I cannot hold their attention as I do not perform Spinjitsu moves in said film. Nor does the fact that Mummy’s film is a video that will be on YouTube cut much ice. I cannot compete with Stampy Longhead and I do not think I will ever get into his lovegarden*.

However, I am relatively confident that there are people out there whose lives do not revolve around Minecraft, Lego (or indeed around any kind of building block at all), and so I am sure that there will be someone out there who will like my videos. They will, after all, be awesome. And this is largely because of the awesome team that contributed to them.

In truth they will not be exciting, but that really isn’t the point. They are a series of three short films for litigants in person who are at the outset of their family court experience. We filmed them in the course of a very long day at Bristol Civil Justice Centre in March – a day sounds like a lot of time to make a few videos, but my god it was a squeeze to get it all in! When we started this project it was all “yeah, we’ll just pop down to the court one afternoon, the two of us, and edit it on our computers that evening”. How naive. It took forever to script and almost as long to get approval to film. And then we had to actually turn a script into a shot list and plan the filming. And then it took a team of ten of us to do it. And now it’s being actually MADE into an actual film. And I am realising that soon my badly frazzled hair will be all over YouTube and there is no going back. I had never before realised how much goes into making even the most basic film and how much doing and re-doing is necessary to get it perfect. Our films will be imperfect, but I think they will be useful. They will also perfectly illustrate the point that a script turns an articulate human being into a stilted robot, but sadly a script was a necessary evil.

When the awesome movies are ready they will be available on YouTube here [EDITED – URL has been changed, because I am a wally]. Since a few of you have been asking about them I thought I’d give you a link to bookmark – you could even subscribe to the channel in breathless anticipation.

I will post again when they are up, at which point it would be great if you could share, link, embed (just mention where you got ’em from), give feedback etc.

* don’t even bother looking it up. It’s way less interesting / saucy than it sounds.


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