Good News (Sort of)

It comes to something when this represents a good news story…Nottinghamshire County Council has pledged that although it will most likely have to shed 3,000 employees none of the job cuts will come from childrens’ social care. Just as well considering the frightening statistic that 40% of social workers describing their caseloads as ‘unmanageable’*. Lets hope other Authorities follow suit.

*that’s 40% of a relatively small sample, but I’d hazard a guess its pretty much got the situation pegged. I’m only surprised the figure isn’t higher.

2 thoughts on “Good News (Sort of)

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for your mention of our survey on the Community Care website, it seems to have attracted quite a bit of attention.

    Are you on twitter at all? We are @liquidpersonnel



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