No news was good news

Wall notes a fairly fundamental discrepancy between what el Pres is saying about his Interim Guidance (it won’t be extended) and what Anthony Douglas of CAFCASS is saying (it will). At the time of writing the link in Wall’s post is down, but you can find a report of what AD told the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee here. It would certainly be nice if somebody told us definitively what’s happening. You know, timetable for the child and all that…


I’m not sure which scenario would be more depressing, but either this means there has been a volte face from the new President who promised he would not be extending the guidance, or it means that the CEO of CAFCASS has got a key piece of information wrong in his evidence to a Parliamentary Committee. I’m struggling to accept that AD would get something so important wrong (for whatever reason), so unless there has been some major communication breakdown / crossed wires hilarity as between Anthony Douglas and the President of the FD (oh, how we will laugh when it is discovered) I have to conclude that on the balance of probabilities the bad news is true. As they say on Zing Zillas: “Di-ZA-sta!” (ask a 2 year old).

3 thoughts on “No news was good news

  1. What was recorded as said was a little less explicit:

    ‘We’ve worked very hard to get a replacement for the president’s interim guidance, and I am confident that before the end of September we will jointly announce an extension of local schemes. So the current local agreements-we have 42 around the country-will continue for a further year in all likelihood, so the impact of the family justice review and the comprehensive spending review can be properly taken into account. So we do need another transitional year, and I am confident that the progress we have made will be consolidated into a new set of agreements.’


  2. but how many coconuts before the big zing??????

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