Book Review : Moranthology

I realised as I arrived at Bristol International Airport ready to embark a plane for Cyprus that I had failed to bring any holiday reading save for a copy of Feminist Judgments that my husband bought me for Christmas 2010 at my specific request and which I have been trying to read ever since. This I realised was quite embarrassing holiday reading. I said huffily to my husband that “If they sell it in an airport bookshop I don’t want to read it”, but nestling in between 50 Shades of Harry Potter and Grazia I found Caitlin Moran’s Moranthology – so I gave up whining and took it to the till. It’s an anthology of her stuff in The Times.

I used to read Caitlin Moran regularly before the descent of the paywall, usually over Sunday lunch at mum and dad’s (I’ve given up buying papers since having children – they seem only ever to be used for covering up the table when the kids are painting these days). And it was only as I read this book that it dawned on me that I probably owe something to her in terms of writing style, although I’m far more cackhanded than her and the subject matter on Pink Tape is generally less…er…racy. My recurring thought whilst reading was “OMG that sounds like me” – or at any rate how I want to sound – or maybe how I think I sound? It was in truth a little spooky.

Look, I’m fresh back from holiday and still trying to ride the “slightly relaxed” wave (more of a ripple now) – so I can’t be doing with a full on review. Here’s the gist : Great book, good fun. Made me laugh out loud on my sunlounger and get disapproving looks from the sourfaced pensioners glowering around the pool (never go to Cyprus once the schools have gone back, it’s full of silver haired tutters competing for the title of most sunburnt manboobs). Pokes some interesting and important topics before running away giggling hysterically. Which I wholly admire. And I now have a crush on Caitlin Moran’s hair.

You can read more about Moranthology here.

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