At a Glance At A Glance

ataglance2013I received a free review copy of At A Glance today.

But this poses something of a conundrum. What to say about the ubiquitous At a Glance? It is slender, it is reliable, it is full of answers to numbery questions that people who know what Ancillary Relief was need to know. It is what it says on the cover “Essential”. Beyond that…? I’m struggling on the word count.

But here is what 2 anonymous sources thought on delivery:

“Don’t think much of this year’s cover colour” (2012 was gold, 2011 puce).


“Difficult to be anything but really positive if you do finances. That and the Red Book are complete ‘must haves’.  I would cut down on my champagne budget for it… but don’t spread that rumour round :-)”

And there you have it: At a Glance, at a glance.

PS Apparently there is some new stuff in it on arbitration….

Book Review: THE RED BOOK (Family Court Practice 2011)

Many will already have their Red Book by now. But many will still be pondering it, increasingly conscious of the delicate balance between overheads and income. But really, if ever there was a year when you needed an up to date FCP it is this year. 2010 editions are pretty much obsolete as a result of the introduction of the FPR 2010, and for those of you like me who have been getting by on a 2009 edition and the occasional borrow of a 2010 – you really need to take a deep breath and click “buy”.

First things first: it’s not much bigger. Some things are new or additional, others have become redundant or have been repealed.

The Red Book 2011

Of course it is already out of date, as is the way with any print publication. The FPR have been amended already and the Red Book will not incorporate this. It does however contain the new Care Planning, Placement & Case Review (England) Regs 2010 which replace the Placement with Parents Regs (not in Wales).

The format is pretty familiar: Procedural Guides and then Statutes make up the first two sections. However there is now a separate section for Procedure Rules, and this is set out so as to incorporate the PDs to each part of the rules at the end of that part, rather than in a separate PDs section. This seems a sensible decision and is quite workable. Also in this section are relevant extracts of the CPR, CCR, Mags Court Rules and Supreme Court Rules. Continue Reading…