Manifesto for Family Justice

This morning (24th October) the FLBA together with the Bar Council and an alliance of other organisations publishes a Manifesto for Family Justice.


The alliance, which comprises the Association of Lawyers for Childrenthe Bar CouncilCAADAthe Children’s Commissionerthe Family Law Bar AssociationGingerbreadLibertythe National Federation of Women’s InstitutesResolution and Women’s Aid, has called upon the Government to:

·         Protect vulnerable women and children

·         Listen to the experienced practitioners who work in family justice and who understand that mediation, whilst beneficial in many cases, will not resolve many others, and

·         Consider with care whether the decision to remove legal aid from private family law cases will save the Government money or, in fact, cost more and lead to poor outcomes.


The Manifesto has been sent to all Members of Parliament as the House of Commons prepares to consider further the changes to legal aid proposed in the LASPO Bill.


The Manifesto for Family Justice can be found here, and it is also covered in the Guardian this morning.