Creche Course

I was disappointed to read in the Guardian this week that the campaign for a Creche in the Inns of Court for the children of barristers has STILL not got through and sounds as if it may get turned down on costs grounds.


A bunch of women were trying to get this off the ground when I was first pregnant in early 2007 (and even before that I think), but I fled the city and took my practice nearer to the support of family and cut down my commuting time. I don’t know how we could have made it work otherwise.


Shame on the bar if it can’t find a way to make remaining at the bar after starting a family more manageable. Too many good female barristers just disappear from practice because they decide the compromises their families are expected to make are too great, that the sums just don’t add up.

Abortion Ads

Much outrage at the idea of abortion ads on telly apparently. Would it be churlish to point out that

1. Abortion is legal in this country, and

2. 76% of people believe such adverts should be permitted?


I would have thought such ads will help to maximise awareness, giving women (and their partners) a fuller opportunity to explore and think through ALL of their options at the earliest opportunity and to ensure that a higher proportion of any abortions that are carried out take place earlier on in the pregnancy. I doubt there will be some subliminal message or hypnotic subtext that compels otherwise unwilling women to terminate their pregnancies. Abortion is a difficult topic and a regrettable outcome (even if sometimes its the ‘right’ outcome or the least worst option), but you can’t eliminate free choice or prevent people and services from operating within the law.