Right to education for children of migrant workers

Nearly Legal flags up new guidance following two judgments in the European Court concerning the rights of the children of migrant workers to education. This is important because where the right exists the parent and primary carer of the child will be entitled to benefits and homelessness assistance that they might otherwise not have been able to access. This is not the sort of stuff you want to read for fun unless you really need to get to grips with the issues for the benefit of a particular client (and I don’t so I haven’t), but do be aware that these judgments may give clients in a vulnerable financial position access to financial and other assistance that a local authority / benefits agency might have refused them in the past.

House of Lords Judgment: Be More Accomodating

I was thinking it was about time I posted on a recent legal judgment. And so I was just sitting down to type a post about the case of R (on the application of G) (FC) (Appellant) v London Borough of Southwark (Respondents) [2009] UKHL 26 when I saw that Nearly Legal has beaten me to it. In the circumstances I can’t do better than refer you to his excellent post on this case, which clarifies a point which the House of Lords was evidently surpised to find was ever in doubt, namely that where a child requires accomodation so as to fall within s20 a Local Authority can’t just pass the buck to the Housing Authority and avoid all the follow on duties that arise from a child being ‘looked after’.