Hear Hear! Three Pips for BaILII!

The UK Human Rights Blog points out that BaILII is really the hidden backbone of the justice system and (with a certain prescience) that:

‘In the virtual world, legal blogging isbecoming an established voice in the UK legal community and has provided the public with a lively, accessible and most importantly free new way of engaging with the law. With legal aid becoming scarcer and Citizens Advice Bureaus losing their funding, free information services such can be the last resort for those who seek legal help without having to pay for a lawyer.’

To extend the bony metaphor, BaILII is not only a backbone but operates on a pretty skeletal budget and staff. So go on – donate to BaILII!!

Shock News – Family Justice System Stretched to Breaking Point

Thanks to Family Law Week for alerting me to this judgment of Thorpe LJ in which the court considered the proper husbanding of limited resources in determining the way forward in a contact case. It was in the course of that judgment last year that Thorpe LJ remarked that the family justice system was ‘stretched to breaking point’. In that case a fact finding hearing would have served no purpose and therefore the court refused to direct that such a hearing should take place. Full judgment to appear on FLW website shortly we are told.