Not Good Enough

This week the response to my request from a London County Court for an urgent interim contact hearing (1/2 day time estimate) was an offer of a slot ‘in December or possibly end of January’. That is just not good enough for a father of a 18 month old child who wants to see his baby daughter and hasn’t seen her for a couple of months already. Its far too long. Credit to the Judge who is going to try and sort out something better, but what am I supposed to say to clients? ‘Deal with it?’

And whilst I’m griping when did it become ok for court staff (at a different court) to chew gum and wear tatty t-shirts at the counter whilst ‘serving’ customers? If she had even been polite it might not have mattered but she was full on rude and pretty useless.

What exactly does a family barrister do?

Insightful question…Unless you’ve had the misfortune to need a family barrister you most probably don’t have much of a clue what we do. Most people I meet (including my Mum, bless her) don’t have a very clear picture of what barristers do, let alone family barristers. And if your best source is (mainly american) legal dramas on telly¬†you’ve probably got it completely arse about face. Continue Reading…