Open Sesame

Looking back I appear not to have posted about Jack Straw’s December announcement about the opening of the family courts, although I have since posted on the topic here and here. Although I’m sure I prepared a post on this announcement I suspect it went the way of several boxes of important ‘stuff’ during my house move around the same time…not yet found.

Anyway, Mr Justice McFarlane last weekend gave a most interesting address dealing with, amongst other things ( including rather bizarrely donkeys (I guess you had to be there), those reforms in detail – highlighting meticulously how modest the proposed changes in fact are. It is worth a read.

The reforms are of course due to come into force in April, although nothing further is in the public domain since the initial announcement so it is unclear in practice what will change as of that date.


POSTSCRIPT: More information here (nice title Jacqui) – apparently new rules in force 27 APRIL. Nice of someone to have told us…Perhaps we could see some draft rules before then?

Sting in the tail

Camilla Cavendish writes about the ‘sting in the tail’ of Jack Straw’s proposals to open up the family courts to media scrutiny.


Still no word I think about when the legislative change required to bring this new arrangement into place by 1 April is going to be published or how ‘accredited media’ will be defined. Seems unlikely it will happen on deadline. Does anyone know anything I don’t?