No need to thank me…

No doubt entirely as a result of yours truly’s article on the topic (well, alright, some other more important people have had a few choice words to say about it too and maybe they influenced things a teensy bit), the men in black at the MoJ are going to ‘look closely‘ at the transparency provisions in the Children Schools and Families Act 2010 before bringing them into force. I think that might really mean a quiet shelving. Sod’s law certainly says that now I have invested large amounts of time learning all about this ridiculous piece of legislation it will now never be enacted, leaving me with an appendix-like blob of useless knowledge (I know, I give metaphor a bad name) which is no good even as a party trick at a party full of very dull lawyers. And as far as accessible and clear legislation goes, I’m with the law of Sod over the CSFA any day. The irony that a piece of legislation intended to promote transparency is drafted so as to be totally opaque to 95% of the population is exquisite, is it not?

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