3 thoughts on “Transparency Project is GO!

  1. This looks very interesting! I look forward to reading more as the site develops. I hope it proves successful.

  2. Transparency needs to be right across the board in the child protection system. Pam Allen former Head of Children’s Services in Rotherham has transferred her “management skills” to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. There are also two other of her former colleagues in senior management positions. Graham Stuart MP ( Chair of Education Select Committee) has demanded her resignation here :http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Rotherham-child-sex-abuse-scandal-MP-Graham/story-22847707-detail/story.htmlhas :

    If she does go , will it be with or without a golden handshake?

  3. […] thinking behind The Transparency Project, the brainchild of Lucy Reed, barrister and author of the Pink Tape family law blog, which aims to shed some light on the workings of the Family Courts, and to make […]

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