A Festive Message

I’ve been moderating comments on the Pink Tape for some time (see here also) to ensure that abusive or inappropriate posts are not published by those with little or no respect for myself or readers of Pink Tape. It works pretty well, although its a pain for me to have to individually check each message and it does sometimes mean comments don’t go up instantaneously as I don’t have time to check them due to work commitments. I try to only edit where necessary, but in general I’d rather edit and publish than simply bin an otherwise interesting message because part of it is not publishable.

But I’m making a New Year’s resolution: those of my loyal readers who think that one of the functions of this blog is to make the same point over and over and over again and to make it in an increasingly offensive way (usually without having the courage to publish your real name) will find that your posts are now not published at all because I will block your IP or email address. I feel quite strongly that the internet should be a space where people can air their views confidently and openly, within the confines of common courtesy and the law – but I DO draw the line at personally abusive comments. And in 2010 I do not want to waste any of my precious time reading them – I have better things to do. Don’t confuse me with the big bad system: if you take time to read the blog posts you will see that I am often as critical of as you are – bitching at me is a misdirection of your effort. Upsetting me ain’t gonna change nuttin’.

As ever, you don’t need to agree with me to post comments. I hope that much is obvious from the comments I regularly publish – I cherish our discussions and disagreements. No, this little Christmas message goes out only to the one or two of you who may have forgotten that at the end of the day this is my blog and I retain the editorial control. If you want to be abusive go do it elsewhere on your own blog. Blocking your nasty little messages is my prerogative.

Yours truly

Loo xxx
(AKA Family Laxative)

2 thoughts on “A Festive Message

  1. Yes, unfortunately receiving abusive or inappropriate comments seems to be a feature of running a family law blog. I have been thinking of introducing something similar to what you are doing, for some time.

  2. it’s a feature of any blog, unfortunately !

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