Approaching Mediaton

Once again I’ve spent a solid 3 day stint undertaking mediation training and I’m relieved to say it’s now over, apart from one assignment. You only realise how much you rely on a weekend of pootling in order to recharge for a Monday when it’s taken away. My recharging time has been eaten up by role play and hat swapping and ethical angst. I need a weekend.

That said I am positively abrim with information, ideas, questions, and opinions about mediation – all of which have been percolating away in the background whilst I got to grips with my 10.30 con for tomorrow (It’s been like having an internal soundtrack of that old coffee advert where the woman makes pretend percolator noises to disgust he fact they she is serving instant coffee to her dinner guests, although in truth this is more to do with tinnitus than metaphor).

Anyhoo, when they are fully brewed I will share those thoughts with you. But not tonight…Not tonight. I need a few minutes of nothing in particular before I hit the sack and move seamlessly from one week to another.

Bring it on. Zzzzz

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