A long time ago I promised I would do my bit to help BAILII raise funds. And then I forgot about it.

Please donate to BAILII

Bailii are brill - please donate to them!

I have now made good on my promise and gift aided 5% of the funds I have raised through advertising on Pink Tape to BAILII. Not a fortune, but it’s better than a poke in the eye.

This seems like a good opportunity to remind others that BAILII do struggle for funds, and that they are hugely important to the legal blogging community and more broadly in terms of access to justice.

If you run a blog that links to BAILII, or if you are a lawyer that relies upon BAILII for transcripts – ask your chambers, firm, boss – yourself – if you could donate something.

mrsdoyleYou could also do their online survey.

Go on.

Go on gowahn gowahn gowahn gowahn


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  1. Hear hear! Very worthwhile cause! 🙂

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