That Barnardos Survey

Anyone else rather uneasy at the stories last week about feral children and despairing adults arising from a survey of attitudes conducted for Barnardos? Me too.

Read this on the Straight Statistics website then: Giving Britain’s children a bad name

(H/t John Bolch on Family Lore who has got there before me a number of times this week! incl the forthcoming Kernott v Jones judgment)


3 thoughts on “That Barnardos Survey

  1. The NSPCC one is even worse – mental health is something that comes up in care proceedings, one in four adults suffer with mental health problems at some stage in their life, therefore a quarter of all babies are at risk of neglect… And we’ll throw in some stuff about skull fractures and shaken babies to make it sound like anyone with mental health issues is liable to murder their baby at a moments notice. Let’s ignore that the vast majority of parents who have had some mental health problems never come anywhere near the care system and care for their children very well.

    I particularly liked that they raised £250 million in the last campaign and are proud to have helped 14,000 children. There’s some maths there, too.

  2. It seems you describe exactly what happened with my grandchildren. the children were left with parents who were both mentally ill, both had previously abused children. 3 children were left there and were all abused in every way. whilst that was allowed all the children were repeatedly injured by neglect or being caught up in adult fights, I was in court for 7+ years just holding on to the eldest of the 4 children… I was ordered to take the child in my care and leave her unsupervised at my daughters house where the other children belatedly had been placed on the child protwction register… 7 years of funding for list of solicitors was a scandalous I think…

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