Child Support Support from Gingerbread

Gingerbread has launched an email advice pack for single parents who are looking for information about child maintenance payments.

Child maintenance is an essential form of support for many single parent families, but making arrangements to ensure it gets paid can be complicated and confusing. With the government talking of overhauling the way child maintenance is currently managed through the Child Support Agency, it pays to have all the facts.

Gingerbread’s child maintenance email pack gives single parents access to expert advice at the click of a mouse on topics such as:

  • Getting the right amount of child maintenance
  • Coming to agreements with an ex-partner
  • Enforcing payments
  • Using the Child Support Agency.

Single parents can get the pack sent to straight to their inbox by heading to and entering their email address.


The child maintenance email pack is the latest in a growing library of email advice from Gingerbread, which aims to give single parents the information they need on the issues that affect their families – quickly, privately and at a time that suits them.

The other email packs cover:

  • advice for women who are single and pregnant
  • advice for parents who are separating
  • advice on looking for work
  • advice on benefits for single people
  • advice about help whilst studying

In essence the “packs” are just an email signposting recipients to a selection pre-existing factsheets available on the Gingerbread website that are relevant to the topic in question, but I can see that for some this may be an aid to navigation that will increase the accessibility of information and enable it to reach more people.


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